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What does a successful book look like?

Many self-publishers are disappointed to discover that all their hard work has come to nothing when they manage to sell only a handful of copies of their book. I know how it feels, because I've been there.

Now imagine how nice it is to see that your book is notching up sales of more than ten copies per day, with a royalty of (let's say) £2.50 received for each one. Well, that's what's happening with our latest publication: The Chrome Book (Third Edition). And it's about as good as it gets, so self-publishers should think in terms of a handy £10,000-per-year second income -- or a very nice £100,000-per-year "main" income if you can repeat it ten times -- rather than thinking in terms of becoming a millionaire overnight.

So, what does a good selling book look like on First: it will have a sales rank in the low tens of thousands or even lower: so if your book is ranked #1,239,472 it just isn't selling. Second: it will be one of the top sellers, if not the top seller, in one or more of the Amazon categories. In a nutshell it will look like this:

We can't make your book No. 1, or even a guaranteed good seller, but we can help you make it shipshape for publication via our publishing assistance services. The rest is up to you!

I Just Want To Be Happy!

Well, don't we all? But more seriously, it's the title of the latest book that we helped publish by undertaking the editing, formatting, cover design, and set-up for print-on-demand and Kindle.

I Just Want To Be Happy: The Insiders' Guide to Positive Transformation

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In this motivating book, Susan D Smith and Adrian Blake show you how to:
• Understand your psychological programming
• Identify your behavioural patterns, to avoid repeating the same old mistakes
• Make positive changes using time tested, proven techniques
• Take responsibility for your own happiness

Full of exercises and practical information, this book will help you take a huge step forward in your personal journey towards HAPPINESS and self -discovery. By using the tools and techniques for change, you can free yourself from the past, develop an inner sense of calm and control, and increase your self-confidence.

"Brilliant! ... A cliché, but we'd never have made it without you." - Adrian Blake, co-author

A Self-Publishing Sales Success: The Chrome Book (Second Edition)

I'm not sure that self-publishing is the right term any more, since in fact I'm effectively running a publishing company... and you could be too. The playing field is so level these days that it is just as easy for us (that's you and me) to publish our creations on Amazon as it is for the big boys to do so.

First-time authors and publishers think that publishing a book is a sure route to financial freedom; just look at J K Rowling for inspiration. And most first-time authors, especially self-published ones, are soon disappointed to find that their creations sell no more than a few tens of copies (if that) in the first year of publication. Yes, that's the reality of it.

And yet, if you hit upon the right non-fiction topic or fiction genre at the right time, it is possible to eke out a living or at least enough spare cash to justify your time spent writing. Here is the proof, but don't get too excited as we're not talking Harry Potter here.

Our latest publication is The Chrome Book (Second Edition), which I consider to be a "good" seller. Between 1 and 28 December 2012 it sold 188 copies in paperback via Amazon / CreateSpace:

The Kindle edition sold 71 copies in the USA and 21 copies in the UK:

Allowing for the fact that these figures do not quite cover a complete month, and that there are some other Kindle sales from other territories, we can estimate that it's selling roughly 300 in 30 days... or 10 copies per day.

It's no New York Times Best Seller, for sure, but in self-publishing circles it's no slouch either. The on-target sales of 3600 in a year could bring in £9000 ($14,400) at a realistic and slightly conservative average "royalty" rate of £2.50 per copy.

Suppose it only took two months to write this particular "how to" book. Pro rata, it would equate to a salary of £4,500 ($7200) per month. Put another way: if this feat could be repeated with a new title every two months, a self-published author could achieve an annual income of £9000 * 6 = £54,000 ($86,000)... and rising as new titles are published and existing titles continue to sell.

Now time for a reality check. Although this article demonstrates that it is practically possible to have an individual good seller, and theoretically possible to earn a decent living from self-publishing, the sad fact is that...

..many (if not most) self-published books sell only a handful of copies before sinking into obscurity. Make sure yours isn't one of them... by appraising whether or not you can really make yours the first, the best, or the cheapest (ideally all three) of its kind.

Good luck with your publishing endeavours in in 2013!

Hot Off The Press: The Emotionally Intelligent Investor

The latest book that we helped publish in Print-on-Demand (via CreateSpace) and Amazon Kindle formats was Ravee Mehta's "The Emotionally Intelligent Investor". For this book we provided both editing and formatting (interior and cover) services.

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About the Author

From a humble beginning as the eldest son of immigrants, Ravee Mehta is now in the fortunate position of being a self-employed investor. Prior to managing his own money, Ravee was a managing director for 8 years at Karsch Capital Management – a multibillion dollar hedge fund. He previously held positions at Soros Fund Management and Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette. Ravee graduated summa cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania with degrees from both the Wharton School of Business and the School of Engineering and Applied Science.

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The Emotionally Intelligent Investor challenges several long-held assumptions and beliefs, by asserting that a good investment approach starts with introspection. Too many investment gurus tell you to emulate their techniques despite the fact that you may have very different personality traits, motivations and biases. This book provides a unique template for self-reflection and a framework for developing an investment approach that works best with who you are.

Whereas the consensus opinion is that investing success comes from blocking out emotions and making purely rational decisions, the best money managers actually use their feelings. They actively sense what others in the market are thinking, and they employ gut instincts when making decisions. Nevertheless, virtually all investing text books neglect to mention how to best cultivate and utilize empathetic and intuitive realizations.

In this book you will learn a process for developing an investing advantage by putting yourself in someone else’s shoes. You will also discover how a stock chart is a great tool for understanding what the current holders of a security may be feeling, and you will appreciate why technical analysis works.

This book demystifies intuition with respect to investing and provides a method for building and safely harnessing helpful gut instincts. Traditional security analysis is vital, but in this book you will learn why superior returns primarily depend on self-awareness, empathy and intuition. The book is complete with examples and recommendations that illuminate a path towards reaching full investing potential.

Published in Record Time: Cici and Molly

Our latest achievement was the setting up of Kasia Brown's book Cici and Molly: The Secret Den, which was formatted for print (including placement of illustrations) and proofed in just three days! Over on Elance, Kasia's dad -- who hired us for the project -- said:

"Exceeded my expectations and the book looks fantastic. I received lots of tips and advice beyond the call of duty. Extremely responsive and pro-active which meant a very tight deadline was achieved."

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E-Book Publishing DIY (Third Edition)

Hot off the e-press:
Tony Loton's completely revised and updated third edition of... E-Book Publishing DIY ..on how to publish an e-book in Three Easy Steps!

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